Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taking a break.

We’ve made it across the country (again) and are now summering in California. Actually, working, but I’ve always wanted to say I was “summering” somewhere and I think Long Beach might beat out the Hamptons? Anyway, while packing for our 2 month time away we had to cut a few things out and unfortunately the sewing machine didn’t make the cut. There is an ancient one here that I may try to dust off and I have a few non-sewing crafty things to do (a quiet book for kate and possibly another attempt at knitting) but I don’t expect posts here to be very regular. So I’m signing off for the summer. Hopefully the 2 readers that look at this blog will come back every now and then. Until then I’ll enjoy reading lots of books and being inspired by all the other crafty people out there on this world wide web. Happy Summer!