Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sew Organized

So this is nothing creative or crafty, but it is simple and does have to do with sewing! We’ve been busy around here trying to be happy it’s still February. You know, being sick, traveling, studying, being sick, going to the doctor, crying, being sick… you get the idea. I also have been organizing! My sewing/miscellaneous closet has been in desperate need of an organization makeover. I should have taken before pictures! So thanks to an old hanging sweater storage, now I have a place to fold and store all of my extra fabric and scraps instead of throwing them in one big messy pile. I like to look in the closet a few times a day just to marvel at how neat it is. Sometimes I get OCD about these things, sometimes. There are a few projects in the wings though! Hopefully I can get some done before we leave again on Thursday. At least we are going to a warmer climate! Some sunshine would definitely be helpful!


Jill said...

Great way to organize! Really a good idea using that sweater thing. That feeling of having something organized like that is great...not that I get that feeling very often.

Jill said...

excited to see you guys this week!!

Shane and Becca said...

This is the best idea, Jill! You've just solved my fabric crisis! Hooray!