Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alphabet Magnets

I’ve been looking around for some magnets for our fridge that Kate can play with—but my search hasn’t gone very far. I remember seeing the idea to make your own on The Purl Bee and decided I would give it a try. I found business card magnets on eBay, 26 magnets for $2.50. Don’t go to Staples, they want to charge you $15 for 50 magnets. Then I just used scrap fabric I had around. One side of the magnet is sticky, so you stick the fabric on the sticky side, trace the letter on the back and cut it out with pinking shears. The trickiest part was drawing the letters backwards on the back of the magnet so they turned out right on the front. Kate seems to have taken interest in them. Although she doesn’t quite get that after taking them off the fridge you’re supposed to put them back on. Alas, another thing for me to pick up off the floor!


Trisha said...

that was one of my next projects.....thanks for saving me a trip to staples. Hope I'll beable to find a deal like you did! They turned out so cute, I'm a little stressed about cutting out the center of letters.

NelsonFamily said...

I love it!

Fine Twined said...

Those are cute. I did the same thing out of magnets that I got off of the phone book (they do that in Utah- paste advertisement magnets to the front of phone books).

I am in CT now though, we just moved here. So glad to have a craft blog from out here to check on.