Sunday, December 7, 2008

a lucky little boy

because his mama is so great! Finally a gift I can post about because it's been received! This little ensemble is for the baby of my cousin, Emily. Emily and I grew up together, both being the only girls in our families of boys. She is the big sister I never had. She is expecting her first baby around the same time I am and now I just wished we lived closer.

I decided to stay away from light blue, figuring that she'll get enough of that. I made the little guy my favorite pair of baby shoes, a soft blanket and appliqued onesies. I kept the baby's daddy in mind when choosing the appliques. A true outdoors man, I thought Daniel might appreciate the fish, dogs, longhorns and namesake initial. I'm envisioning Daniel putting the little guy in his fish onesie, strapping him in the baby carrier and taking him fishing.

Baby gifts are a lot of fun to make. I can't wait to meet this little guy and I'm so excited for his parents!


Kea said...

What cool little baby gifts Jill!

Chris and Lynsey said...

Wow Jill, I just went through most of your blog and checked out all the things you have made!! I am in awe, you are so good! Have you always known how to do these things, or is sewing something you have learned to do over the past years?? I'm so impressed. I want to start sewing things but it feels like it would be so hard to

Janel said...

so cute! you are so talented.