Wednesday, December 30, 2009

girly purses

Santa was a little too ambitious this year and didn't get started early enough. That is my excuse for a few of the planned projects that went unfinished. Fortunately, I don't think anyone noticed but me. These girls purses, however, I did find time for! I made 4 of them, for my nieces and little cousins. I glued sequin trim on the front as a monogram because I always love a little sparkle and filled them with treats my little girl likes to find in her purse. I've used this tutorial before and it is very simple. One day I will get around to making a large one for myself!
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Shane and Becca said...

I love the sequins--what kind of glue do you use for that? It seems like it stays on pretty well.

Jill said...

My girls both love the purse!! Thanks!

Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

Good idea. I bet Kate loves this!

Chris and Lynsey Williamson said...

Did you scale the pattern down a bit for the smaller purse? It's very cute I"m going to try making it this week...let me know!