Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sew Vintage

They don’t make things today the way they used to. The sewing machine I learned to sew on was about 80 years old and belonged to my Great-Grandmother Ansley (kate’s middle namesake) and after 80 years still worked great. When I bought my own sewing machine a few years ago my mother-in-law gave me great advice. Either invest in a fancy (and expensive) Bernina or find an older machine with all metal parts. Not ready to invest a thousand dollars I found my trusty ole Singer on eBay for $150 dollars. It was made in the 1950’s and still sews great. I really love it.
I started thinking about how great old sewing things are because I got the best package in the mail today! For $6 on eBay I found 100 wooden spools of thread and a ton of sewing notions (ric rac, bias tape, blanket binding, sequins, lace, elastic, etc). I was so excited I had to take pictures of my great find. If I went to Joanne’s today and bought all of this thread and notions I think it would cost at least $75. And I got it for $6!! It was fun to go through it all and think of the little old lady it used to belong to. I wonder what type of things she used to sew, probably fancy dresses and petticoats. Now it’s my turn… where to start!?

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Lisa said...

I also have a 401 and I ADORE her. (She and my 50's pink Necchi Supernova are my "dream team") Have you joined the singerslantsewing yahoogroup yet?? Lots of great information there on our 401's and all the Slant-o-Matics.