Monday, September 22, 2008

Corduroy Pants

I wish I could say I made this jacket... but no, just the pants. Speaking of jackets though, look at this one--it's gorgeous! I've got to get my hands on that pattern. {I think I'm putting it on my Christmas list, hint hint.} But really, nothing special, just simple brown corduroy pants to wear with the cute jacket. I have a hard time finding jeans or pants that aren't knit that fit well over kate's big cloth diaper bum. So I used leftover fabric from this jumper and these pants really are simple to make. Except when you start them at 11pm and sew the wrong sides together, and then have to rip them out and start over. Don't do that. I used Simplicity pattern 5936 and for less than $10 I got a jumper and pants! Not bad.


Spencer Family said...

Those are so cute! And you have to make that jacket--it is adorable. I want to know more about cloth diapering. I know you mentioned you were going to give it a trial period, so you stuck with it?

NelsonFamily said...

She will be the best dressed kid ever! I am glad I have boys so I don't feel super guilty about not going all out with their wardrobe.

Katie said...

These pants are so cute! Did you use a pattern? Care to share which one? I knew exactly which jacket you were referring to before I even clicked the link, it is beautiful. Its on my Christmas list too :). Great blog, cute creations!