Tuesday, September 30, 2008

quick, easy and inexpensive napkins

We use a lot of napkins in this house. It's either the little hands that are always messy (or the big ones), I need something to put the toast on or to wipe up the floor. We are always using {and buying} a lot of napkins. We usually use cloth napkins at dinner but we don't have very many. So here are the red polka dots again in action! I cut rectangles, ironed the edges (folding in 1/4 inch twice so the raw edge isn't exposed) and sewed! It took about 30 mins from start to finish and couldn't be more simple. {Just a side note, I bought this red fabric sometime in college on a random trip to walmart. It was before I was really even sewing, I just remember it was on clearance for $1 a yard so I bought 3. I've had it forever and it has served many purposes! Suddenly my kitchen is made up of red polka dots. Maybe one day I will use it all up...} So help save the planet and yourself some money and sew some napkins!


Katie said...

This is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Who says you can only use cloth napkins on Thanksgiving and Christmas :). I'm thinking I'm going to make some of these.

Jamie C. said...

I have tons of fabric that I bought at goodwill that I have been looking what to do with it. I think napkins are just the ticket...especially for the toast thing. I'm always needing a napkin for that! Great ideas.
I love the hat too, I must get back into crocheting!