Sunday, March 15, 2009

knitted socks

With a new babe comes a lot of nursing. And a lot of nursing means a lot of sitting. All this sitting allowed me to finally finish the second sock to this pair! This is the first time I have knitted socks and worked with sock yarn. Socks take forever to knit. Sock yarn resembles embroidery floss and the needles you use are the smallest they make! But now that they are done they are soft and comfy, perfect to keep my feet warm during these last few weeks (hopefully) of winter. I used this pattern and they were simple to knit. But did I mention they take forever? Maybe if I start another pair now they will be done by next winter.


Patrick and Kelly said...

I've been wanting to attempt socks for a long time but have never actually gone through with it. What kind of yarn did you use? They look great!

Eva Mari said...

Just wanted you to know that I have added you to my "blogs I have to keep looking into"-list! ;)

You make me smile! :D

I'm all new to sewing and this at the ripe old age of 54.. *Blush*

Hugs from Eva Mari :)

Anonymous said...

Check out this book, 2-at a time socks ... by melissa morgan oakes,the technique is easy and when your done with one your done period!