Thursday, May 7, 2009

a summer skirt

Do you like the model pose? I tried. I'm having fun sewing a few things for myself these days. With no time--or money--to shop lately I'm trying to update my wardrobe a little bit in the hour or so I have to sew in the evening. It seems that while I love to be stylish, comfort has really taken over. Something about changing diapers and doing puzzles all day that doesn't really allow for a fussy or fancy wardrobe. I love wearing skirts in the summer and I have one knit skirt that I love, but it has bright flowers all over it. Not exactly something that can be worn different ways. I got this book about sewing knits a while ago and thought I'd finally give it a try. While in theory it should have been easy, I had some major tension issues with my machine. I'm thinking a serger is a must for sewing knits--maybe I'll have to put it on my birthday list. While it's not perfect, it turned out well to enough to get lots of wear this summer. It's comfy, can be worn with flip flops or flats and cost less than $10 to make. Now if only it would stop raining and warm up so I could wear it! Isn't it supposed to be April showers? I think we've had rain for 5 days straight!
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Karen said...

Very cute! And may I say you look so fabulous after having 2 kids!

Trisha said...

Once again you have finished a project while I have only thought about starting a project. Love the skirt. I had a multi colored one (that I bought) and kept it forever to use as a pattern, but never got around to making one. They are the best skirts! Are you guys moving back to ca?

Eva Mari said...

Loved your skirt! You are one of my main "has to see" and now I have a challenge for you!
Find info in my blog!
Hugs from Eva Mari :D