Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Summer Shirt

It's a lot easier to take pictures of my girls than myself! It is kind of hard to see the detail of the shirt in this picture because the fabric is so busy. {The fabric reminded me of a dress I saw in a Boden catalog recently. Maybe one day I will be able to afford their clothes!} To see a better picture of the shirt, click here. I saw this shirt/pattern on a new-to-me blog, presser foot. I love their idea of doing a project a month where everyone sews along. I am a little late with this project, but wanted to try it. The pattern is McCalls 5388. I find it's more challenging sewing for myself than the girls because I am more particular about the fit. For example, initially this shirt fit like a maternity blouse. I'm done with maternity clothes. Not quite the look I was going for! I took it in a few inches and added a belt, so hopefully now it looks like I have a waistline. If you end up using this pattern, know that it runs big. Make the size top that you would buy in the store. Your measurements will tell you to make a much larger size--don't do it. It is satisfying to update my wardrobe with $5 and a few hours of work. For my next project I'm going to try and copy a linen skirt from jcrew that I don't have a pattern for... should be fun!


Sarah Hull said...

You are amazing! I was just telling your mom today how I hope you end up living around here because I would just LOVE to craft with you (aka learn from you)! That shirt is DARLING!!! I would pay good money for a cute shirt like that!

P.s. you are so skinny mini and you just had a baby two seconds ago! You go girl!!!!

Shane and Becca said...

Jill! Wow! I'm loving your clothes! Keep making Boden knock-offs and showing how you do it! Darling! I may have to make this maternity-style, since I am continually growing out of clothes here.

miss you!

leslie said...

hey Jill--
pattern fit can be an issue. I found this site and I think it is helpful. Most American pattern companies put in lots of east.
Your clothes look great! Next a serger!

Maria said...

Have you seen the urban bonnets on etsy. Super cute, I am trying to copy it to make some for my new niece.


Lynsey said...

Jill you are so talented!! I need to get a sewing machine bad, and I need to learn how to make shirts and skirts! It's so impressive. And that shirt is SO cute!! Nice work!