Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clothespin Dolls

These clothespin dolls were so simple. No sewing involved. I found the old-school wooden clothespins at a craft store and cut scraps of fabric and ribbon and hot glued them on. Then I drew on the faces with a sharpie marker. You could get more creative and use rick rack or hot glue sequins or buttons, but I had limited materials, so I just went with it. I made the pouch with felt, just cut and sew up the sides and use ribbon to tie it all up. These are for Kate’s Easter basket, but these would also be great to top a birthday gift with or a good craft to do with older kids.


Trisha said...

Cute dolls! This is Trisha Hunt (kyle's wife) and I love all the crafts and sewing projects you do. Next time your in CA we'll have to do some sewing together!

kara jo haught said...

Jill, i'm dying over your creativness... also the airplane fabric that the clothes pins are on... my boy LOVES LOVES LOVES airplanes. Where did you get it?
(by the way... i'm emily's sister-in-law in case you couldn't put it together!)

Jamie C. said...

Jill, we are always so on the same wave lengths it's beginning to frighten me. :) I'm doing something very similiar for the girls Easter baskets. I'll be posting pictures when I'm all done. The little dolls look so perfect, and I hope Kate loves them. The pouch is such a nice, neat way to store them. So fun!