Friday, March 27, 2009

a shirt for mama

To get me through the in-between phase where maternity clothes are too big (and exhausted--I don't want to look at them again!) and I've only got a handful of pre-pregnancy shirts that I'm feeling comfortable in. Nothing fancy or particularly stylish, but it fits the mom uniform for the time being. I bought the pattern a year ago planning to make the dress, but time and the practicality of wearing dresses (thanks Gwen) put that one aside for a while. This shirt could probably be sewn in one evening. It took me more like five because I seem to only be able to sew for 10 minutes at a time and I either get too tired or someone needs me. (Kind of like when I was trying to take this picture.) And don't mind the funky sun shadows... we were just basking in the balmy 37 degree Spring weather that day.


Trisha said...

I'll take one in every color please! I hate this in between phase.

Maria said...

Too cute. Nursing sure does make picking out an outfit more difficult. It has been all knit shirts for me for a long time, you are full of great ideas.

Eva Mari said...

Loved the pic! Too too cute... Awww... And the garment looked very nice as well! :D
Hugs from me

Spencer Family said...

I love it! I think I'm going to try and make one. Any tips?

carina said...


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